Doris Ahoy

DorisAhoy1After recent traumatic events, ‘arold and Doris have embarked on a world cruise, hoping for rest and relaxation.
Their plans are thwarted at every turn. There’s the mystery surrounding the identity of Mrs Veronica Ambrose, and a dance competition that pits the pair of them against regional champion and trifle guzzler, Ken.
Told from the perspective of long suffering husband ‘arold, he dreams of being back home, nursing a pint down the Hare and Horse. Instead, he’s propping up a smoothie bar with health and fitness freak, Percy, a man with an unnatural interest in kale.
Doris Ahoy is the third book in a series of monologues featuring Mrs Doris Copeland of Partridge Mews.

Paperback: £6.99

Kindle Edition: £2.99

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