Our Doris Book Launch

It’s been too long since I announced that Our Doris was coming out this year. So much so that it now has a Goodreads page, and I’ve booked a few events – check out the Events page to find all the glorious things – and I’ve read my proof copy. Although it’s not completely ready and my rather awesome friend Imelda is going through the book once more for me.

I made a list of posts to write for you and didn’t write them. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and planning another book.

I’m just going to say that Our Doris will launch on the 20th June 2015.

The Macclesfield Creative Writing Group has met at Macclesfield Library since it began in 2011. Since Our Doris was first conceived in a workshop there it seemed only fitting that I host the book launch there as well.

The event runs from 10:30am – 12:30pm. I will read passages from the book, and as only befits Doris there will be tea and cakes and a Q&A session. Tickets cost £2.00 – and each ticket holder will be placed in a raffle to win a copy of the book.

You can pre-order the book on Waterstones and Foyles, and I need to figure out how to create a pre-order button on this site.

I hope there won’t be too much of a delay between posts this time. If you start to question where I am follow me on Twitter where you can lambast me to remember to say hello to folk every now and then.

Until next time, that is all.

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